I remember one afternoon, I had just finished my classes for the day, and I decided to rent a scooter to get home from my university. It was around 1pm, and the streets were full of people getting home or going for lunch. I was on my scooter, waiting at the traffic light, when a man comes at me. He was about 30, he had a motorbike helmet in his hand, and very gently asked me if I could give him a lift, since his motorbike broke. I thought about it, and it seemed to me that nothing bad could happen, just in case he was trying to rob me, I put my backpack on my stomach, to be sure he couln’t reach it, and I said that I would have been happy to help him, although I was in a bit of a hurry, and I could only carry him for a short tract. He thanked me, said that it was ok for him, and got on the scooter. As I started driving I felt that something was wrong. I kept feeling a strange pressure on my back, and some movements on the seat of the scooter. At first I thought that maybe he just couldn’t fit in the scooter seat, so I scrooched a little bit forward, to make room for him, but I kept feeling him moving and the more I moved forward, the more he did too. The situation was very weird because for almost the entire time he kept talking about really normal stuff, like why he was in town, what I studied, all of that while he kept “moving” so close to me. Of course I was driving, so I couldn’t get too distracted, or turn around to clearly see what was happening, also, the fact that he was masturbating seemed to me such an absurd hypothesis, that I kept telling myself that it wasn’t possible, I was wrong, and all sort of stuff like that. When we arrived where I agreed to take him, I was basically out of the seat. He got off the scooter, very nicely thanked me again, and as I drove away raised his arm to wave at me. When this happened his jacket went up enough to show a very noticeable spot on the crotch of his light gray sweater pants.

I was totally shocked by this experience, mainly because it was so unexpected. I would never have tought that there were people willing to do something so disrespectful and crazy to a perfect stranger, who had been nothing but nice to them. I’m really mad at him for the way he took advantage of my genuine desire to help him, and felt kind of stupid for beeing so naive, but was I supposed to imagine something like that?
The worst thing about it is that he made me question the altruistic and trusting part of me which made me decide to help him. He made me feel like I was penalized for beeing a nice person. Probably the next time somenone will actually need a lift from me or something like that, I will be too suspicious and scared to help them, and I hate that.