He was my boyfriend, we were together for almost 4 years. Once at a house party he got really drunk so I decided to take him upstairs and let him sleep for a bit. I’m a small girl. At that time I was also struggling with my health so my weight was much below average. I told him to lay down and sleep but with his 6ft height and almost 90 kg, he easily pushed me on the bed. I said plenty of times that I was tired and mad at him and it wasn’t a good time for anything. I directly said “NO” but he didn’t listen. He put his body on mine and without any warning just started taking off my skirt. I couldn’t do anything beside begging him to stop and let me go … but he didn’t. It only lasted around 10 minutes. The worst 10 minutes of my life. The next day he didn’t remember anything. But I still remember it today even though it was 3 years ago. I broke up with him after what happened. I never had enough courage to confront him with what he did to me. I was struggling to love my body. I felt like it wasn’t mine anymore but with good help and support from my best friend I overcame this. I still think about it sometimes. You can’t forget being raped by your own boyfriend, the person you trust the most in your life. I remember every second of those 10 minutes. But I’m still alive. I still see beauty in love and in life. You can go through this, I promise. It’s not easy but it’s worth the hard work. I’ve learned how to trust people again. I’ve learned how to love myself again.