So I’m adopted & so is my brother but from different birth families. We were both adopted at birth. my birth mom was 16 when she found out she was pregnant with me and thought about abortion but ended up choosing adoption bc she believed there was something bigger than her inside of her. My brother was adopted at birth as well but his story isn’t mine to tell. Anyways life was great until I hit third grade where I was diagnosed with learning differences (dyslexia, ADHD, and auditory processing disorder. I was bullied a lot for these and being diff in school so my parents ended up transferring me to a school for learning differences. life got better up until the 6th grade where the bullying started back up again (but it wasn’t for my learning issues just for my looks) anyways it got pretty severe, videos were made about me that went kinda viral through the private schools in my area, I got texts and calls telling me to end my life. anyways 8th grade hit and I got invited to a party. I was super excited bc I had never been to one so I lied to my parents about who was throwing it (a senior in hs was throwing it not an 8th grader) my mom called the parents and everything checked out but things didn’t go as planned bc the parents of the kids who were hosting party supplied the drugs. I was new to parties so I didn’t know not to set my drink down.. which is exactly what I did to go to the bathroom & I came back & drank it.. but someone had spiked it. that night I became a sexual assault survivor. anyways my drug use after that picked up & I ended up getting into a sexually, emotionally & physically abusive relationship as a 14y/o with an 18 y/o guy. so at the age of 14 i was hiding bruises from my parents, i was drugged and raped countless times. i didn’t tell my parents because he got me hooked on coke, speed, and acid. so i couldn’t leave him (or so i felt like i couldn’t) anywyas life got pretty bad and one night my ex ended up putting me into the hospital and that’s when my parents learned more about what was going on so they sent me to rehab for 18 months. i graduated rehab dec 20 2018 and now i’m here and sober for 1040 days