In november of 2019 I was talking to this guy I really liked from another town about an hour away from me. He took me to a birthday in his town, I knew no one there or my surroundings. I was drugged at some point and according to him I started “making out” with a random guy he got angry and left me there. I still have no recollection of what happened leading up to me being in a locked room with 3 guys, they took turns raping me sometimes 2 at a time I have never felt pain like that, not just physical but mental and emotional. I tried to focus on anything but what was happening so i stared at the book shelf and tried seeing what ones I was familiar with. When they finished I put my clothes on as I was bleeding from everywhere down there and they laughed at me. I was disgusted and humiliated, I ran outside to the porch and threw up i sat there trying to figure out how to get home but they came outside and raped me again on the porch. This time it was more intense and painful and I blacked out i don’t remember fully. When i woke up it was 4 in the morning. I called the guy i came with and he told me i made it up so he didn’t think i cheated on him. After he said that i was too scared to come forward to the police. I have no idea who those guys were to this day. i’ve been hospitalized since and even my own mother doesn’t know the whole story. I still have trouble being with anyone sexually since.