I was in an abuse relationship for about 6 years. I was married for 4 of those 6. I loved him with all I had, but in the end my love is what broke me! He was a heavy drinker and pretty controlling. As the years went on, the worse it got. At so point in all this I started to blame myself. Why am I not got good enough? Why am I getting this? So I blamed myself. Maybe if I hadn’t tried to stop him from leaving drunk…then I wouldn’t have been thrown into the wall. Maybe if I had just agreed….then maybe I wouldn’t have been called everything possible. Maybe if I would have stopped eating all together to lose the weight after the baby….then maybe I would have been loved more! The emotional, verbal, mental, and physical abuse is enough to completely break you! So after 6 years I was completely broken. I was depressed, I hated myself! So I eventually stopped loving! The only thing that saved me was my son! I hit rock bottom!! Knowing I wasn’t good enough and would be better off not there! I felt like a BURDEN! But I knew my son needed me. So I picked myself up enough so I could do for my son….and after six years I was done! Me and my son needed a better life! So I left. It took everything I had but I left! Now years later I am loved and I KNOW my worth. I will never forget that I am worth it…I am worth the love. I deserve it!