Hi! Ok so when I was little my dad physically and sexually abused me, he would bring in this other woman that would help him as well (all this happened when my mom went to work).
My dad said If I told my mom he would kill her so I didn’t say a word.
After a while the lady he brought in got pregnant with my new sibling and moved away to Seattle
One day I had enough of what my dad was doing I told my mom and she took me to the hospital and they tested me to see if it was true, it was.
After a while my mind pushed it back, no I didn’t forget it’s the minds way of protecting you from something harsh, anyways. My mind pushed it back and in 6th grade I remembered what happened and a whole load of flashbacks of the moments started coming and coming, I eventually fell into depression and I tried to kill myself and I had started to cut.
Eventually, I realized that I’m not alone and BILLIONS of people go through a type of abuse.
I want you to remember you are not alone. Keep your head up it gets better!!!