I was trapped in an abusive relationship from the age of 14 until I was 16. He started off complimentary and treated me very well, but things went south very quickly. Him and his friends convinced me having sex at 15 (a year underage) was the only way I would keep him interested. Once he had sex with me, he turned into a new person. He’d send pictures of self harm when I’d upset him, he’d grip my wrist when I was with him and said something he didn’t like, grab me roughly by the arm, squeeze bruises, and even punch me to the point of tears when “play fighting”. He also emotionally abused me by saying “girls as thin as me werent his type” while I was struggling with a severe eating disorder. This built up to him getting me so drunk I couldn’t walk at a party, and proceeding to force himself on me in the corner of my best friends garden. I left him soon after as he cheated on me on my birthday due to me not wanting to sleep with him at the party a week before. To this day I am emotionally and physically scarred (he put a cigarette out on my finger and a scar remains). He felt he could treat me this way because I was a woman and as his girlfriend had a duty to serve him and do exactly as he wanted. It was my fault he cheated multiple times and hit me as I had not fulfilled his manly needs (as his friends put it “a mans got needs”)