Our Story




We started this project as a group of 4 friends. All of us had stories to tell but we never thought of haring them because we felt they were too hard to talk about, even among friends.

Once we decided to share our stories we understood how important it is to speak about our experiences. We found a system of support among our closest friends, so that we could talk about these issues without feeling ashamed or judged.

We realised that this much needed support structures were missing. That’s why we hope that InsightOut could fill the gap and help people in similar situations. 

Our Aims

Create a Community

Create a community where we can help each other and raise awareness about the reality of being a woman in our society

Break The Silence

Break the silence around these topics to eventually prevent women from finding themselves in these situations

A space to Share

Give women a space where they can tell their stories without being judged

Can the silence be broken? The first step in breaking the silence is the publication of articles and surveys which can outline the problems and make women aware that they are not alone if they have suffered harassment. The sharing of stories will help women understand their experiences and act collectively to stop them.
Charlotte Macdonald
"The vote, the Pill and the Demon Drink: A history of feminist writing in New Zeland" (1993)