What is InsightOut

InsightOut is a platform to share your testimony anonymously.

We created this platform as a safe space where you can share your experiences of gender discrimination and abuse, where you can speak out openly, without ever being judged, and where you can find the support of an entire community of women who have lived through similar experiences to yours.

Our Story

InsightOut was born from our testimonies

Experiences of discrimination and abuse that have deeply marked us, but that we had never told to anyone, because they were so traumatic that we didn’t even know how to approach the subject, even with our family and our closest friends.

The vast majority of women are victims of microaggretions on a regular basis. But we don’t talk about it, because we have been taught that this is the norm and that there is nothing we can do about it.

By telling our stories, we freed ourselves from a huge burden. Writing our testimonies allowed us to face the reality of what had happened and understand how it affected us. It was the first step towards accepting our past experiences and trying to create a safe space for us all to share our testimonies. 

As soon as we started to open up about our experiences of discrimination and abuse, we received a lot of support from our friends. Many others started to share their stories with us. Our testimonies were joined by those of many of our friends who had had similar experiences to ours but, like us, had never talked about it with others. 

Seeing the impact that sharing our testimonies had on us and our friends, we decided to create Insightout to give everyone the opportunity to speak up and share their story. 

Our team

Hi, I’m Anita. I currently live in London and work for a small consulting firm specialized in Behavioral Sciences.  

About a year and a half ago I decided to share my story with my friends. It all started from an event I attended where several women were speaking up about their experiences of abuse and discrimination. On that occasion I decided not to speak, because I was scared of sharing my story publicly. The next day, almost naturally, I wrote down everything I had wanted to say the day before, aware that I no longer wanted to remain silent. I sent my text to my closest friends and unexpectedly they began to send me back their stories, and this is how Insightout started.

I think we all have something to tell, but very often the right time to talk about it doesn’t present itself. Or, if we do have the opportunity, we don’t find the right words to address the topic because we are all too used to remaining silent. Insightout, in my experience, created the perfect opportunity to tell my story without feeling like I had to minimize or hide what had happened to me. 


Hi, I’m Valeria! I recently started a PhD in Neuroscience and have been living in England for almost 5 years. For me, InsightOut represents primarily the way through which I was able to get rid of a burden by sharing my story.

My experience of abuse began when I was very young and for a long time it remained my secret only.

It wasn’t until Anita shared her story with me that I found the courage to tell my own, and I never thought it would have such a big impact on my life. It allowed me to come to terms with my past and understand that although an abuse is not something that defines us entirely, it is certainly an integral part of who we are. This is exactly why I believe that telling one’s
story is extremely important and that everyone should have the opportunity to do so.

By talking to my friends I realized how often abuse and discrimination are considered part of the everyday life of each woman instead of being reported and dealt with the appropriatly. For these reasons, I decided that I wanted to contribute to the realization of a project that could finally change this reality, by giving women the space they need to speak up about abuse and discrimination. While, at the same time, providing a safe space free from external judgments and criticisms.