Let’s eradicate violence against women with our testimonies  

Too many women* in our society are victims of sexual abuse, physical/mental/emotional violence, harassment, catcalling and body shaming.

1 %

Of women will experience physical and/or sexual violence by an intimate partner at some point in their life

1 %

Of women experienced unwelcomed sexual touching 

1 %

Of girls aged 17 report being unhappy with their body

Your testimony is important, only by talking about these issues we can start tackling them.

This is why we created InsightOut

How you can get involved:

We want everyone to be part of the project. 

This is why we have outlined the steps that we ourselves have followed in the process of creating this website. 

We would love for you to get involved!


Share this website with your friends to start a discussion and raise awareness about these topics.

Your Story

Your story is important, writing it down might help you make sense of your experiences. If you feel like it, you can start by sharing it with your close friends.


This platform is for you to share your story anonymously. Sharing your story with many people can seem scary but it can bring you closer to others who had similar experiences. InsightOut is a space where you can feel free to talk without being judged.

Your Opinion

If you don't want to share your story, that's fine as well. You can still get involved by telling us if you liked the project or if you found it helpful.