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TRIGGER WARNING: This article or section, or pages it links to, contains sensitive information which may be triggering. 

Story #36

Certi stupri non hanno DNA, non hanno lividi, non hanno video, non hanno prove. E, giuridicamente parlando, sono quelli più frequenti e indenunciabili, quelli per cui non ti crede nessuno, ma i cui segni li porti scolpiti nell’anima, per sempre. Il ragazzo che mi ha violentata sarà pure stronzo, infame ma devo riconoscerglielo: ha compiuto il cosiddetto “stupro perfetto”. Ed io non potrò mai denunciarlo… read more 

Story #35

Lui mi ha preso la mano e ha provato a mettersela sulle sue parti intime. Al mio rifiuto ha insistito nonostante io rifiutassi sempre… read more 

Story #34:

Quando andavo al liceo prendevo l’autobus, andata e ritorno, non sempre la stessa linea, ma in ogni caso era sempre strapieno e si stava stretti come sardine. Tutti si toccavano con tutti e ci si appoggiava gli uni contro agli altri, ma spesso, direi che capitava quasi ogni giorno, c’erano dei contatti decisamente evitabili. Vecchi e meno vecchi che mi palpavano il culo, le gambe con le mani, oppure quando la situazione “lo permetteva” appoggiavano o strusciavano il cazzo dietro o davanti… read more 


Story #33:

Mi sono dunque allontanata nuovamente, ed è ricominciato ancora più forte di prima lo stalking, ricevendo per sette mesi ogni giorno suoi messaggi a cui non rispondevo. Alla fine, estenuata, l’ho dovuto bloccare su ogni social. .. read more

Story #32:

He’d send pictures of self harm when I’d upset him, he’d grip my wrist when I was with him and said something he didn’t like, grab me roughly by the arm, squeeze bruises, and even punch me to the point of tears when “play fighting”…read more

Story #31:

Ricordo bene però quello che è successo una di quelle notti. Non ho idea di che ore fossero, se mi ero appena addormentata o se fosse notte fonda, ma non ha importanza. Ricordo di essermi svegliata perché c’era qualcosa, qualcuno, che mi stava toccando….read more

Story #30:

Più tardi quella stessa sera provai la cocaina anche io per la prima volta, non mi costrinse in nessun modo a farlo. Per circa sei mesi non successe più, ma il nostro rapporto stava cambiando: lui si arrabbiava spesso, e io cominciavo a voler fare sesso con lui sempre di meno…read more 

Story #29:

When I was 14, I was sexually hurt by an 18-year-old. I wasn’t ready for anything sexual, but he had started touching me and squeezing my chest. He left bruises on my chest and his handprint on my lower back when he would smack it. He would ask if I “wanted to” and I said no… read more 

Story #28:

Circa sei/sette anni fa mi ero messa insieme da poco al mio migliore amico (che conoscevo da circa 11 anni) di quel tempo, era dolce, simpatico, divertente e stavamo molto bene insieme, era evidente però che non eravamo soltanto più amici, e così una sera, ci siamo baciati e ci siamo messi insieme; mai avrei pensato che quella persona così dolce e simpatica, mi avrebbe causato così tanti problemi psicologici in futuro… read more 

Story #27

Every time I would go to his house he would always want to have sex or do something sexual but I just wanted to talk to him or do something fun, but he said that he wouldn’t let me come round unless I let him do stuff to me…read more

Story #26

I was in an abuse relationship for about 6 years. I was married for 4 of those 6. I loved him with all I had, but in the end my love is what broke me! He was a heavy drinker and pretty controlling. As the years went on, the worse it got. At some point in all this I started to blame myself. Why am I not got good enough?…read more

Story #25

He apparently was however in the mood… He waited till I was asleep, to start touching me..! Fortunately I woke up because I felt his hands all over my body, I don’t want to know what would have happened if it has taken longer before I woke up… read more

Story #24:

He was my first boyfriend. He kept trying to grope me and I told him to stop and tried to shake him off. It made me feel sick, I was supposed to want it, right?… read more 

Story #23:

Stavo tornando a casa dopo una cena con una mia amica e decisi di fermarmi a mettere benzina sulla statale. Sono scesa dalla macchina e mentre facevo benzina un uomo mi ha aggredita alle spalle. Mi ha immobilizzato, picchiato e strappato la maglietta…. read more

Story #22:

When I was around 8 or 9, me and my cousins would always play fight and make up games. One evening however, my cousin told me to come into his bed and he started touching me in all my private areas…. read more

Story #21

I was 7 years old and my grandpa took me and my sisters out for a drive. He told us he would teach us how to drive and we were all very excited. My turn was first and he let me sit on his lap to take control of the steering wheel. He then put his hand in my pants and was touching me…read more

Story #20:

Arrivati a casa ci siamo messi sul divano a vedere un film e dopo un po lui ha provato a baciarmi, lo so che può sembrare una giustificazione banale ma io ero decisamente ubriaca e li per li mi lasciai andare. Dopo di che lui provo ad andare oltre e quando finalmente capii cosa stava succedendo e che non era assolutamente quello che volevo, gli dissi di fermarsi. Inutile dire che non si fermò… read more

Story #19:

We’d been friends since I started college, he invited me over for a party and was already drunk when I got there. I asked for a soda and he put alcohol in it without my knowing. He led me upstairs to his room and pinned me to the wall and started kissing me and trying to take my shirt off. He was much stronger than me and I feared if I fought I would get injured… read more

Story #18:

Although he ended up moving out of the state last year and he hasn’t touched me since then, I was so terrified i refused to leave my room for anything other than school, i refused to walk anywhere and I was and still am terrified of being alive. I still don’t know if it’s my fault that it happened or not…read more

Story #17:

One of the guys in my group told me that if I wanted I could stay at his place. Once home, I discovered the sad truth: I wouldn’t have slept in one of the free rooms despite having asked him several times. He insisted that I slept in his room with him. I went to bed trying to lay down as close to the edge as possible. He started to be slimy… read more

Story #16:

As I started driving I felt that someting was wrong. I kept feeling a strange pressure on my back, and some movements on the seat of the scooter. At first I tought that maybe he just couldn’t fit in the scooter seat, so I scrooched a little bit forward, to make room for him, but I kept feeling him moving and the more I moved forward, the more he did too…read more

Story #15:

I was standing in the middle of the aisle on the bus and I felt someone behind me pressed against my butt. I thought it was just because of the crowd that he had to stay so close to me, but then I realised that he was intentionally rubbing his pants against my ass… read more

Story #14:

When I was little my dad physically and sexually abused me, he would bring in this other woman that would help him as well (all this happened when my mom went to work).
My dad said If I told my mom he would kill her so I didn’t say a word… read more

Story #13:

I still have no recollection of what happened leading up to me being in a locked room with 3 guys, they took turns raping me sometimes 2 at a time I have never felt pain like that, not just physical but mental and emotional… read more

Story #12:

I was new to parties so i didn’t know not to set my drink down.. which is exactly what i did to go to the bathroom and i came back and drank it.. but someone had spiked it. that night i became a sexual assault survivor… read more

Story #11:

Something changed me, something really bad that happened. After being sexually abused, girls usually don’t want to attract attention on themselves anymore. For me it was different, I didn’t care at all. My boyfriend took something from me, my innocence. Sex became meaningless and since it didn’t matter anymore I just wanted to have fun…. read more

Story #10:

He was my boyfriend, we were together for almost 4 years. Once at a house party he got really drunk so I decided to take him upstairs and let him sleep for a bit. I told him to lay down and sleep but with his 6ft height and almost 90 kg, he easily pushed me on the bed. I said plenty of times that I was tired and mad at him and it wasn’t a good time for anything. I directly said “NO” but he didn’t listen. He put his body on mine and without any warning just started taking off my skirt…read more

Story #9:

It ended as it began: with his hands wrapped round my throat. I never thought he would hurt me, and when he let his hands touch my neck the very first night in my bedroom, I dismissed this as a normal sexual expression. Our friendship group in college thrived off us getting together, initiating adventures, and bringing more people together. We became known as the power couple and the same person. “Where’s your shadow today?” my friends would say…read more

Story #8:

One time I went to visit a friend. We went to a pub. When the pub was about to close someone grabbed my ass. I turned around and saw a group of men. No one wanted to admit that it had been him. Afterwards on the street, one of them came up to me and told me it was his legal right to touch my ass. There was no point in fighting back ….read more

Story #7:

Poco più di un anno fa mi sono trovata ad affrontare un problema che mai avrei immaginato di dover affrontare nella mia vita. Il 3 gennaio 2019 ho fatto un ivg.L’ivg, per chi non lo sapesse (io all’epoca non ne avevo idea) è l’interruzione volontaria di gravidanza. Vorrei usare questo termine, poiché la parola aborto, a mio parere rende il tutto più triste e soprattutto violento di quanto in realtà sia stato. …read more

Story #6:

I was raped. I was used as a sexual object, to satisfy the needs of a predator. I did not give consent. It has taken me a long time to see that I shouldn’t be ashamed by what happened to me and that it was not my fault. My heart was broken, my life was turned upside down and my trust shattered…read more

Story #5:

I was drugged and raped at a work party. I do not have many memories of this night, except for how I felt, what I still carry with me. I was immediately so ashamed. So ashamed that this was somehow my fault. I would get into trouble, have to be punished for “having sex” at work….read more 

Story #4:

I was staring at myself in the mirror and I wouldn’t believe that was me. I was having a few negative days and that was the one thing that must not happen: I’ve ordered some new bikinis online and they’ve finally arrived but they didn’t fit as my mind wanted them to fit like…. read more

Story #3:

My app was set up on a calorie goal intake of 1200kcal/day but my brain was set to 600 kcal. Everyone was complimenting me for losing weight, I was finally as skinny as I wanted. But the reality is that I was living in fear, I was scared of food and of loosing control over it… read more

Story #2:

When I was about 6 years old, maybe a bit older maybe a bit younger (it’s hard to set timepoints of childhood memories), we used to go to my grandparents’ house every week. Once there, my grandfather would ask me to go with him to another room before joining the rest of the family… read more

Story #1:

When I was 17, I got into my first serious relationship. He told me he loved me, that I held the keys to his heart. I remember, he used to throw stuff around when he got mad, once he threw a punch through the wall. Another time he destroyed his wardrobe. But I thought he would never hurt me, because he promised me he loved me…. read more